NingXia Red BottlesSo many people are taking advantage of all the uses of their essential oils after opening their wholesale account or simply purchasing retail.  Below are some testimonials from people I know who are sharing their stories so you, too, might decide that living with nature’s living energy is for you!


 “When I’m travelling, it’s in my purse in case I haven’t got a chance to eat.    My body thanks me every morning when I drink an ounce with my husband to start our day.  It’s an investment in our future and longevity that’s worth gold!” – Shannon Davis,  Appleton 


 Arlene Beyer (my mother who is 80-years young) says:  “Remember how my back used to ache and I needed to use those heating pads from the drug store all the time when I went to the kids’ swim meet?  My back doesn’t hurt anymore.  I think it’s that NingXia.”


Timothy Clawson from Alaska now living in Wisconsin has this to say:  “The pain I used to feel in my shoulder is gone.  I know I’ve used Wintergreen on it and that always helped.  But since drinking one ounce of NingXia Red daily since February of 2012, I don’t have the dull-ache anymore, ever!  I split wood as a past-time and am an active outdoorsman.  Life is better with NingXia Red.”

(See my blog, NingXia Mint Cocktail and read about MY experience and love this energy-booster!)


“Joy” is my favorite Young Living blend!  Since 1998 when I was opening my heart after an emotional upset, I’ve used it every day.  When I’m working on forgiving myself or others, I put one or two drops on my fingertips and inhale and then rub my heart saying something like, “Help me find  forgiveness in my heart.”  The fragrance is beautiful and uplifiting.  I always get compliments:  “You smell so good.”  And it really attracts Love!!!” –Sharon Kay Beyer, Frontier Naturescents.

(Some of the information formerly contained on this page may or may not have been in compliance with Federal Drug Commission (FDA) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules and regulations. To learn more about Young Living products, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to Contact Me directly:

Sharon Kay Beyer – 414-305-8629 (Mobile – text or call!)

Young Living is not what we do, it is who we are. This is a company that becomes a lifestyle, and there isn’t a life form out there that doesn’t need our products.” —Marilee Tolen, Young Living Gold Distributor


Here’s what some professionals are saying about Young Living Essential Oils:

 “Young Living offers health solutions found nowhere else on earth. These essential oils truly represent the new frontier of medicine; they have resolved cases that many professionals had regarded as hopeless.”Terry Friedmann, M.D.

“To be able to certify completely the high grade of his oils, Gary Young has taken the ultimate step: he has developed his own farms and his own distillation techniques to guarantee the top quality he seeks. He has become a true pioneer in developing these operations in the United States. I wish everyone could see firsthand the Young Living aromatic farms.” — Daniel Penoel, M.D.

“I am very inspired by the incredible quality and depth of Young Living products and what they can do to help women become healthy and vibrant and an unstoppable force for change on this planet.”        Carolyn De Marco, M.D.~ Women’s Health Advisor and Author of “Take charge of Your Body.”



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